If you’re an iOS 16 user, you may have customized your lock screen with beautiful wallpapers to add a personal touch to your device. However, there might come a time when you want to delete or remove a lock screen wallpaper and revert to the default settings. In this article, we will guide you through five easy steps to delete lock screen wallpapers on iOS 16.


Personalizing your lock screen with wallpapers is a great way to showcase your style and preferences. However, if you decide to remove a lock screen wallpaper and go back to the original settings, iOS 16 offers a simple process to accomplish this. Let’s dive into the steps to delete lock screen wallpapers on your iOS 16 device.

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Step 1: Access the Settings Menu

To begin the process, unlock your iOS 16 device and locate the “Settings” app on your home screen. The Settings app is represented by a gear icon. Tap on the app icon to open the Settings menu.

Step 2: Navigate to Wallpaper Settings

Once you’re in the Settings menu, scroll down until you find the “Wallpaper” option. It is usually located in the middle section of the menu. Tap on “Wallpaper” to proceed to the wallpaper settings.

Step 3: Select the Lock Screen Wallpaper

In the wallpaper settings, you will see different sections for “Choose a New Wallpaper.” Look for the section labeled “Lock Screen” and tap on it. This will bring up the available options for customizing your lock screen wallpaper.

Step 4: Choose a New Wallpaper or Default

In the lock screen wallpaper options, you will see a list of wallpapers you have previously set for your lock screen. To delete the current lock screen wallpaper, select the “Default” option. Alternatively, if you want to change the wallpaper to something different, choose the “Choose a New Wallpaper” option and browse through the available choices.

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Step 5: Delete the Lock Screen Wallpaper

After selecting either the “Default” or “Choose a New Wallpaper” option, you will be prompted to confirm your choice. If you want to delete the lock screen wallpaper, choose the “Delete” or “Remove” option. This will remove the current wallpaper and set it back to the default or the new wallpaper you have selected.


Deleting lock screen wallpapers on iOS 16 is a straightforward process that allows you to revert to the default lock screen or choose a new wallpaper. By following the five easy steps outlined in this tutorial, you can easily remove lock screen wallpapers and customize your device according to your preferences. Enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of managing your lock screen wallpapers on iOS 16.

In conclusion, personalizing your lock screen with wallpapers is a fun and creative way to express yourself. However, when you want to delete a lock screen wallpaper on your iOS 16 device, these simple steps will guide you through the process effortlessly. Keep your lock screen fresh and customized to your liking with ease.

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