How to Write an ICO White Paper and cryptocurrency white paper guideline 2022

ICO White Paper

Do you need an excellent ICO white paper template? In this read, we will explain how to produce an effective ICO whitepaper as well as provide a few ICO whitepaper templates to help you get started.

Steps to write an ICO White Paper

A good cryptocurrency white paper should have the following sections:

Plan of the project

It is critical to nail down your project outline. It should clearly identify the problem that you want to tackle. The key to creating a distinctive and catchy project plan is to make it unique and catchy. It must stand out from the throng and entice investors to continue reading.

Given that the average investor reads hundreds, if not thousands, of whitepaper outlines each year, it’s easy to see why most only get as far as the project outline.

The answer

This is the section in which you must make your project stand out. The answer should include a clear technical description of your project, as well as a complete breakdown of how it solves the challenge you just mentioned.

It must include extensive market study data to demonstrate the necessity for this solution and how it fits into the present market.

Obviously, most businesses will simply have an outline or prototype of the idea in mind. You should include as many visual prototype data or mockups as you have to help investors visualise your concept in this situation.

A budget breakdown will help reassure investors about how you intend to spend the money. This will assist them in evaluating your project plan as a whole, as well as persuade them that your ICO is not a hoax.

A development roadmap is another something that should be included in this area. This will give investors a sense of where you see the project going and will reassure them that you understand the market you are about to join with a solid development strategy.

Making this part stand out is essential once again. The importance of stressing your project’s unique selling characteristics cannot be overstated.

A full explanation of token release and market considerations

You must provide a breakdown of your ICO token issue in this section. This should include information about your crypto tokens, such as their worth, the number of tokens you intend to utilise, and the crypto token platform on which you intend to issue them.

Another key element to include is how you intend to allow investors to redeem their tokens, as well as instructions on what happens if your ICO fails to meet the financing targets it sets (investor refund process).

This part should also include your terms and conditions or a link to where they may discover them on your website.

Finally, this part should include all important security information that will assist investors in determining whether or not your ICO is safe. If you have decided to use a specialised security firm to launch your ICO, you can include information about their company as well.

Remember that no matter how appealing your ICO appears to investors, no one on this earth will pay for digital tokens if they believe the transaction is not secure.

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A general overview of the entire team

Incorporating the profiles of all team members significantly boosts investor confidence and interest. In today’s market, the endorsement of key individuals inside the blockchain community can virtually guarantee the success of an ICO.

Though most ICOs do not have the luxury of such individuals’ assistance, investors increasingly want to know who is involved in the project and what their backgrounds are.


You undoubtedly want your ICO white paper to stand out and convince investors. How do you go about doing that? There are a few crucial concerns.

While writing your ICO white paper, keep the following in mind:

  • Produce high-quality material. Remember that you are enter into a highly competitive industry and must persuade investors of the viability of your business. Create high-quality images and text.
  • Explain the business challenge you’re tackling from the perspective of your blockchain product’s potential users. If you are addressing an opportunity rather than a problem, explain what benefits you will provide to the users. At the same time, demonstrate how your proposal will benefit investors.
  • Explain in layman’s terms how you intend to fix the problem or take advantage of the opportunity.
  • In your whitepaper, show your product roadmap. Inform your investors about the date your product/platform will be available to users. Also, describe when upgraded versions of the platform will be released, if applicable.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the technical description by expressing it in layman’s terms.
  • Describe the dangers you anticipate from employing relatively new technology and how you intend to address them.
  • Specify the function of your crypto token. If you are conducting an ICO, you should have sufficient criteria to classify your token as a “utility token.” If you promise investors significant returns, you are selling a “security token.” You may not even be able to raise funds through an ICO. As I discussed in “Utility tokens vs. security tokens comparison guide,” you should examine the securities legislation in your jurisdiction.
  • Show that you are in compliance with all applicable laws. Investors are increasingly interested in investing in cryptocurrency initiatives that are compliant with the law.
  • Demonstrate transparency in your product development. Declare that you have not yet begun development. Also, describe how you plan to keep investors up to date on the status of your product development, such as through social media platforms. If you are already working on your blockchain project, include a link to the code repository in your ICO white paper. For example, you may direct investors to your project’s GitHub repository. Have you already created a working prototype? That’s fantastic! Encourage readers to give it a shot.
  • Be open and honest about your fundraising goal. Explain why and how much money you require. Specify what you will do if you are unable to raise the necessary funds, such as how you would refund the money to investors.

Here’s a list of “DON’Ts” to avoid when creating your ICO white paper:

  • Include no content whose uniqueness you cannot guarantee! Plagiarism allegations in your ICO white paper can have major consequences for your ICO. Such charges may even cause potential investors to dismiss your ICO as a hoax!
  • Technical details should not be included in your white paper. Keep in mind that many crypto investors aren’t tech knowledgeable, and jargon can be confusing to them. In a few words, explain technical aspects.
  • Don’t leave open-ended queries concerning your operational model. Many ICO investors are concerned about potential frauds and want to see clarity about your business concept and organisational structure.

In our article “How to Launch a Successful ICO,” I discuss the significance of these “DO’s” and “DON’Ts.”

A good white paper might mean the difference between securing the funds you need and having to start from scratch.

Now I’ll give some links to ICO whitepaper templates where you may see previous samples of what constitutes an excellent ICO white paper.

All of these ICO whitepaper templates are based on successful ICO campaigns that have taken place in recent years. When conducting your study, keep in mind that the market is constantly changing.

This means that an ICO white paper template from more than four or five years ago is just not up to the grade that today’s investors expect. So, if you were planning to just download the 2009 Bitcoin white paper and use it as a template for your own cryptocurrency white paper, forget it.

Templates for ICO white papers

There is no greater foundation for an ICO white paper template than those utilised in previous successful ICOs. Ethereum has been the most successful ICO of all time, accounting for the majority of the top ten most successful ICOs.

As one would assume, its ICO white paper is excellent, and it should be the first example of an ICO white paper template you investigate. However, keep in mind that they are just instances. You should surely make your white paper stand out by making it distinctive.

ETHEREUM White Paper

While this paper is still an example of the best white paper to date, keep in mind that it has now become a much-copied format and will no longer entice investors in the same manner that it did when it was first published.

Take note of how well-presented this white paper is as you read it. It offers a clear table of contents with quick connections to each of the relevant parts. The whitepaper contains all of the material I mentioned above, which is organised into sections.

The beginning is enthralling, with dramatic use of words as a devious marketing tactic. It clearly explains the project’s objectives and contains information about possible user markets. While listing potential applications, it cleverly adds “as well as many others that we have not yet envisioned.”

Rather than giving the impression that the project managers are unfamiliar with their market, it instead whets investors’ appetites for the platform’s tremendous untapped potential.

Despite the volume of material presented in this white paper, it reads well. This is aided by the inclusion of pictures, lists, and code to demonstrate how Ethereum works and why it is such a wonderful solution.

The report finishes with links to extra information that fills in any gaps that were not covered in the paper.

ICONOMI White Paper

The Ethereum whitepaper offers all of the information that any investor needs to decide whether or not to participate in an ICO project. Nonetheless, the sheer volume of material may be too much for some companies to compile without any guarantee of the IPO’s success.

ICONOMI demonstrated that it is possible to create a white paper for an ICO with far less technical detail. Their 2016 ICO raised more than $10.5 million, making it the 11th most successful ICO ever.

Once again, it covers all of the topics raised in this essay and using dramatic language and examples to entice investors. Because it is a different type of project, much of the technical material has been removed, and this paper instead focuses on establishing goals and targets that the project hopes to reach.

The introduction to the white paper identifies a market need for the project before going on to illustrate exactly how it will answer these demands. The paper underlines the project’s unique selling qualities throughout, leaving no doubt in the minds of the final investors that this is the one that will succeed.

Try this for another wonderful example of a successful white paper:


It is undeniably true that competition in the ICO sector is severe right now. A decent white paper, on the other hand, can mean the difference between success and failure. Having a wonderful project does not guarantee that investors will rush to fund it. Presentation, like any other aspect of a good business plan, is critical to the success of an ICO.

You will be able to design a truly good white paper if you conduct your research and adhere to the important elements stated in this article. Remember that identifying and comprehending your target investors is an important aspect of your research.

As a result, your language and content should be fashioned by what will be of interest and appeal to them.

You should be able to see what I mean by looking at the two cryptocurrency white paper template examples I provided. Investors who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology and programming are less likely to read Ethereum’s white paper than ICONOMI’s. Both papers are specifically designed to appeal to the type of investors that they seek.

Finally, while it may be difficult to hear, investors are unlikely to support a weak idea, regardless of how fantastic your whitepaper is. So make sure you have an excellent project idea that will make it a worthwhile investment.

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FAQS About cryptocurrency white paper

What exactly is an ICO white paper?

ICO is an abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering. An ICO whitepaper is a document that explains why the ICO is being launched, as well as the business plan, the purpose of the end product, and profit estimates. It is intended to pique investors’ interest in order to raise funds.

What should the format of a white paper be?

A good white paper should begin with a concise and compelling overview of why the launch is taking place, as well as information about the software product. For additional details on the right format, read this article in its entirety.

What is an example of a best crypto white paper?

There are thousands of previous white paper examples available on the internet. Your best bet is to start with successful examples from the past. Remember that the style and strategy of ICO whitepapers are evolving, so look for samples from the last few years.

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