The  hashtag , which refers to the # symbol, is used to mark keywords or topics on  social networks . Although their function can be somewhat confusing for some users, they serve to make the publications have a greater reach and are easier to find among those users interested in a specific topic. But how to correctly choose hashtags and how can their effectiveness be measured within a  social media ?

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Why is it important to measure a hashtag on social networks?

The  hashtags  are used to group and classify content and to ensure that publications have wider reach. In addition, they also  serve to know what the audience thinks of the brand and the products or services it offers . Hence, having a branded hashtag is so important.

The  hashtags  are also important within specific campaigns and contests or any action carried out within social networks to know the impact it is having among users and know the number of mentions collected.

Although most social networks allow you to search for hashtags and see the publications in which they appear, analyzing and monitoring the results is very complicated, especially since they usually appear ordered by date. 

To carry out this task it is better to use a tool designed to monitor hashtags, since these, in addition to helping to discover the most popular and relevant ones, also help to know their evolution over time. 

Tools to monitor a hashtag

There are numerous tools that are used to monitor and analyze the results that a hashtag is having on social networks. Although the same social networks allow you to find hashtags or indicate the number of times it has been used, which can give a first clue about what the audience is interested in, these tools allow for much more accurate results. Of course, some of these tools are paid, although in these cases they usually offer a free trial.

Having the help of software can be key to knowing in a much more precise way the scope of a social media campaign and what the public thinks of the brand:

Hash tracking

Hashtracking  is one of the most complete and popular tools. It is a paid software, although it offers a two-week free trial.

With Hashtracking you can choose the most relevant hashtags for a publication, even for a brand itself. In addition, it analyzes each hashtag in 24-hour periods and gives very interesting data, such as the number of publications in which it appears, the number of users who use it or the  engagement  it generates, among others.

It is also a widely used tool to compare different hashtags, which allows to know those with which you can achieve a greater reach.

Hashtracking is ideal for brands that focus their campaigns on Twitter or Instagram.


Hashtagify  is one of the best known and most used tools to analyze Twitter and Instagram hashtags. In addition, it is very intuitive and easy to use, since it is enough to register to start analyzing and monitoring the labels.

One of its main functionalities is to publicize the hashtags that can be added in a publication, since it allows a comparison of all those related to the same topic. It also allows you to analyze them by trends, countries, language … That is, you can make segmentations. 

All the analyzes that are carried out through this tool can be saved to be compared with others that are made later. 

Hashtagify also allows you to search for   powerful influencers with a certain hashtag, which is very useful for brands that want to start a campaign with a public figure.


Tagdef  is a dictionary for  social media , since it allows you to know the meaning of hashtags and allows you to find the most viral ones. One of the main advantages of this tool over others is that it is free. It is also very easy to use, since you just have to enter the words in the search box to get all the results for that hashtag. 

Although it can be used for Instagram, this tool is intended for Twitter. In fact, those users who register will be able to link it to the Twitter profile. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to manage and administer this social network and obtain good results.


Another tool that can be used to analyze and monitor hashtags is  Tagboard . It is a very useful tool for those brands that are just starting out and have a low budget for campaigns on social networks, since it is free.

It allows to know all the conversations that have been generated around a hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks, making it ideal for brands that use different social media as a communication channel. It also allows you to filter by keywords and find hashtag suggestions. 


Brand24  is a tool used to search, follow and monitor hashtags on any social network.

Thanks to this tool, it is possible to follow and analyze the impact that a hashtag is having on the publications, whether or not they are from a specific campaign. It is also a way to find influencers who have a good reach with a certain hashtag, which can be very useful to carry out a   successful digital marketing strategy .

Another of its strengths is that it automatically counts the number of publications that carry a specific hashtag. This allows you to know its popularity and performance.

Although the tool has a free plan, it also has a paid one that allows you to track the hashtags used in a campaign in real time.

Tweet Binder

For brands that focus their strategies on Twitter, one of the best options is  Tweet Binder . This program is one of the most effective for finding tweets with a specific hashtag.

It is very easy to use, since you just have to enter the term you want to search for and the program will show the last 2000 tweets that contain it. Best of all, the results are displayed in a very graphic and visual way, which allows for a general analysis of that specific tag.


RiteTag  is another ideal tool to find the hashtags that best suit a post, as it compares all those related to a specific topic and makes a detailed analysis.

This tool is compatible with practically any social network, especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. One of its strengths is that it indicates the success of a publication with the colors green, yellow and red, which allows detecting the mistakes made to be able to improve in the following ones.

The RiteTag tool has an extension for Chrome, which makes it even more practical and accessible.


Another way to analyze and monitor hashtags on Twitter is through  TweetDeck . One of the strengths of this program is that it allows you to analyze different accounts, making it perfect for brands with different profiles. It also allows you to keep track of different hashtags, whether they are campaigns or not.

Using it is very simple and intuitive. In addition, it makes managing this social network much easier, since it can be done from the same tool, which is free.

Unfortunately, TweetDeck only works for Tweeter, so it does not allow you to manage and plan the publications of all the social networks at the same time.

Trends Maps

Finally,  Trends Maps  is another tool that can be used to analyze hashtags. One of the peculiarities of this program is that it is capable of geolocating hashtags and trending topics in real time within a world map. This allows you to choose the labels based on the location of the audience you want to attract.

Trends Maps is very easy to use and, without a doubt, it is one of the best tools for brands that want to segment by location.

We can conclude that hashtags are key pieces within social networks, since they serve both for the public to find what they are interested in and for the brand to know what is interesting to the audience. And thanks to these tools it is much easier to perform an analysis and find the most efficient way to use them.