The virtual reality of Metaverse:

 Metaverse combines Blockchain technology, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in different aspects. The Metaverse is an open and shared virtual world where any individual can invite, explore and interact with other individuals in 3D spaces of the virtual world. However, physical entities like space and time remain the same in the Metaverse as we experience in the real world. Therefore, the metaverse platform believes in providing a real experience to Individuals in the virtual world. The metaverse concept is progressing daily; according to a report by Bloomberg, the metaverse industry will rise to 800 billion dollars and will cross the 2.5 trillion-dollar mark by 2030. Technical giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Nvidia and Epic games are developing metaverse projects like creating small colonies of virtual worlds in the Metaverse.  

The Metaverse is a world that is related to crypto technology as it refers to the concept of decentralization. Therefore, there is some contribution of Blockchain technology in the Metaverse. The Metaverse uses NFTs, i.e., non-fungible tokens, as both technologies work on provable provenance to ensure the user-generated content works the same as the crypto virtual world is user governed by using Decentraland, which is a decentralized autonomous organization. The Metaverse is a combination of virtual worlds; some of the most significant them are discussed below:  


Decentraland is a Metaverse virtual world which emphasizes ownership. Decentraland looks like a vast virtual reality universe, as it can be filled with green forests, blue skies, cities with traffic, glaciers and oceanic land masses. The Decentraland consists of virtual plots in the crypto world like we own real estate plots by estate land in the real world. It has more than 90k Estate land plots in the form of land NFTs.  

Horizon Worlds:  

Horizon World is Meta’s provided virtual world mostly related to gaming. The users can create their own virtual world by manual scripting, as most of them were used to develop for fun purposes or for collaborating to enhance their gaming experiences.  

Users have 3 options to choose from in horizon worlds, whether they have to play the games, attend virtual events or hang out to socialise. Wand & Broom and Pixel Plummet are examples of virtually created fun environments by users for socialization.   


Roblox is also a Metaverse virtual world which is initially considered a game. It is instead a metaverse world focused on the creation of games by user-generated content that is gaming content.  

The key difference between Roblox and other gaming companies is that all games are created by themselves by users instead of a whole gaming company. According to a report by Roblox, 20 million matches are estimated to have been created in its Metaverse. Most games are freely available to play, and some users monetize their games to earn a profit. It is reported that some professional game developers have made up to $1 million a year. They have their own digital in-game currency, Robux, used to purchase in-game avatar clothing and other equipment.  

Crypto voxels:  

Crypto voxels are heavily tied to the Ethereum blockchain in the crypto world. Ethereum is used to buy land inside the Metaverse, whereas users like to build their own universe here. The building is helped by crypto voxels when users embed video, audio and image or other media output into the landscapes of crypto voxels. Crypto voxels have combined web 3.0 with to create a different universe. But yes, you can access it through your Web browser.  

Second life:  

Second life is popularized virtual world of Metaverse, created by Lind lab in 2003. People enjoyed the virtual world by creating avatars and dealing with the virtual economy. Second life was the virtual world platform where we could buy land as we do in the real world.  

Metaverse and Web 3.0 are concepts that relate to decentralization, Augmented Reality, machine learning and Artificial intelligence in Metaverse.  

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