Daraz Product Hunting

For Daraz merchants, product hunting or research is the most crucial step. In the past, Pakistanis relied on time-consuming, labor-intensive manual methods to locate a profitable product in Daraz. However, more tools are now accessible through Daraz’s online shopping platform, which was created specifically for the Pakistani market. These tools can be used to locate profitable products with little to no competition by looking at product history, reviews, recent sales, pricing, trends, and more. You may track your products, calculate profit margins, seize low-competition keywords, and get assistance with product sourcing and hunting with the use of those instruments. The three best product scouting and research tools for Daraz in Pakistan are listed in this post.

Top best performing Daraz Product Hunting Tools are:

1- Daraz Toolkit

Because of its features and usability, the Daraz toolkit is placed #1 on our list. As we all know, this is because the product was ranked first when it first appeared. The next objective was to preserve top place. Therefore, the Daraz toolkit’s AI Technology basic features were created specifically for users to aid in maintaining ranking. Three packages—basic, professional, and enterprise—are included with this tool. However, a trial version of this programme is also available for testing.

What Can the Daraz Toolkit Do?

You might track your campaigns and products with the Daraz Toolkit joker Rank Feature, look for low-competition products using a keyword bank, and check the product history and profit margin before choosing your product.

2- Joker Rank

Whether your product is on the first page or the second page, AI-based features will make it easier for you to communicate your product positioning and track your campaign with multiple keywords.

3- Product Track

Product tracking makes it possible to keep track of a product’s performance by combining sales, reviews, and stock information on a single, intuitive dashboard. Keyword Database You can quickly discover relevant phrases and items with low competition using Keyword Bank. It displays all the details you require to locate the product of your choice using the product prices, reviews, competing products, and FBD sellers.

4- Chrome Extension for Daraz:

Toolbox Daraz A Chrome extension that is helpful for finding products and keywords and is made specifically for quick analysis. You can obtain complete product information, such as sales volume, average price, stock information, and reviews. Other qualities The Daraz Toolkit’s Profit Calculator is a really amazing function that allows you to determine the profit of any product to determine whether it is right for you.

5- Darazscout

DarazScout is the final resource on our list for researching Daraz products. Although the name seems similar to Jungle Scout, a well regarded Amazon tool, we are just talking about Daraz Product Hunting tools here. Therefore, Daraz Scout includes a Chrome Extension just like other utilities. With that tool, you can also check the age of the product listing and product characteristics like reviews, prices, and product histories. This application is specifically made for finding products, but perhaps in the future you will see additional capabilities like tracking, keyword capturing, and rating. You may watch demand and contrast various products with the help of Google Trends, which offers insights into the popularity of keywords and products.

6- Google Trends

You may watch demand and contrast various products with the help of Google Trends, which offers insights into the popularity of keywords and products.

7- Xenonhunt

Xenonhunt is a valuable tool for anyone selling on Daraz, as it provides important insights into sales and can help improve the visibility of a seller’s products. Understanding the sales dynamics of each seller and their products can give a competitive edge and lead to increased success on the platform.