YouTube is a social media platform and one of the most significant search engines. It is the world’s second most used search engine after Google. YouTube was originally founded by three employees of PayPal named Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen. There are over 2 billion users on YouTube. Many people earn a considerable amount of money from this platform, and some even have chosen YT as their career option. 

It is very important to increase the views on your YouTube channel if you also want to on a decent amount of money from YouTube. People always try to make their content better so that they can make their reputation good on social media platforms. 

How does YouTube rank videos?

There are various factors that are used by YT as their ranking factor; they are as follows.

  • Video quality
  • Channel keywords
  • View count
  • User experience metrics
  • Video watch time
  • Thumbnail

These are a few things by which your videos are ranked on YT, but one of the most important things is that YouTube often ranks videos according to audience retention. This means it is dependent on how long users watch a video. So if people spend proper time on a particular video or they are watching it completely, then YouTube might recognize that content as high-quality content, and it will show on the top search results.

There are many ways by which you can increase the organic growth of your channel, and some of them are mentioned below.

Three ways to increase views on YT channel

Due to rising demand on social media platforms, many content creators are available, so the competition becomes very tough on these platforms, but this guide will help you buy YouTube views organically on your videos.

  1. Conduct complete research on keywords – YouTube allows putting keywords in your channel’s description, video description, and title. Therefore, you have to research your video and search for the latest and trendy hashtags that can help you gain traffic on your video.

For example, suppose you have a gaming-related channel and a specific game, football. In that case, you have to use keywords related to football or online games so that people searching for them can also know about your video. Apart from this, you also have to use your hashtags in the title of your video and the description of your video so that while searching for YouTube videos about gaming, your video would also be in suggestion.

  1. Optimizing your video before and after uploading – This is one of the vital aspects of a YouTube channel if you want to increase the views on your channel. 
  • Optimizing before uploading 
  • First and foremost, you must use a high-quality camera or screen recording to record your video.
  • Free editing software would be economical, but they lack features of premium editing software. Therefore, it would be ideal for you to use premium editing in order to provide the best user experience. 
  • Use primary keywords to name your upload file
  • Optimizing video after upload
  • Your title must be very natural and include at least one to two keywords.
  • The title must be no longer than 70 characters because it would be perfect for your viewers.
  • Using high volume and low competition keywords in the description would be perfect for you.
  • YouTube allows you to write a description of 400 words, but to make the description more attractive, you must only use 100 to 200 words and make sure that your description is only related to your video.
  • Upload a custom thumbnail instead of a thumbnail generated by YouTube
  • Include relevant hashtags in the description because and relevant hashtag might cost you views
  • Try to keep your information fully natural and realistic so that you’re never can understand them easily
  1. Make a consistent uploading schedule – YouTube algorithm recognizes different types of channels and the only preferred channel Which are active and almost upload content daily. It is not necessary that YouTube only rank your video according to how many people watch; it can also recommend according to the consistency of your uploading.

You must make a complete timetable or schedule on how often you should upload content on your YouTube channel. Upload timing must be when your audience is most of the time; this would help boost your views on your videos.These are the few things on how you can increase the views on YouTube organically. Never stop optimizing your video. These tricks are not the only key to success, but you must also work very hard to improve your content so that viewers automatically get attracted to your channel. The rising demand has made some people buy YT views to develop their channel. However, this is not a good approach, and buying likes again even decreases your channel’s reputation.

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