Ring Sizing Chart

Before you purchase a ring, you should know how to size it. A ring sizing chart contains circles corresponding to the ring size you need. To determine the correct size, place your ring on the circle. And line the inside edge of the ring up with the drawing. If the inside edge of your ring does not match the drawing, you will need to select the next larger size.

Getting the right ring size

Getting the right ring size using sizing tape is easy when you have a sizing chart to follow. The best way to measure a finger is to place it against a ruler and measure its inner diameter. Compare the result to the size chart. If you have trouble reading a ring size chart, you can print out a ring size chart with images on the right.

Using a ring sizer

You can easily measure your ring size with the help of a ring sizer chart. It is essential to know your exact size to purchase a ring that fits perfectly. The sizer tool can be a simple measuring tape or a keyring patterned with ring sizes. While inexpensive ring sizing tools are available on the internet, they are inaccurate and can cause unnecessary trouble.

Taking a ring to a jeweler

Whether you are in the process of proposing to your girlfriend or boyfriend, it can be worth taking your ring to a jeweler for a professional cleaning. The jeweler will not only clean the ring but will also look for loose accent diamonds, scratches, and general wear. He will also tighten prongs and check that the ring is structurally sound. Here are some tips for cleaning your ring.

Using a measuring stick

If you have no idea how to measure your ring size accurately, there are several ways to get a close measurement. The string method is easy to use but can give you inaccurate measurements since it does not account for a ring fitting over a knuckle. Another easy way to measure your ring size is to wrap a strip of paper or dental floss around your finger. Measure your finger with the stick as tightly as possible and mark the first covering with ink.

Ring sizes depend on averages. The measurements vary greatly from person to person. For example, someone with large knuckles may need to purchase a larger size than someone with a small ring.

Getting a ring sizer

A ring sizer chart is useful for determining the correct sizing of a ring. These charts come with different measurement systems. For example, a man’s ring size ranges from 8 to 10, while a woman’s size typically ranges from seven to eight. However, not all rings are created equal. If your ring is not a perfect fit, you should know your finger’s circumference before you start shopping.

Choosing a ring with a wider band

Choosing a ring with a wide band may be more noticeable than a ring with a slim band. However, thin bands look better on thin fingers. Wider bands can look chunky and overpowering on larger hands. However, this doesn’t mean you must give up your ring entirely.

Final Words

Remember to measure your finger and compare it to the rings you are interested in. Once you have the correct size, use the ring sizing chart to find the fit. Finally, keep your rings clean by storing them in a dry place.