New Metro City Gujar Khan

Gujar Khan’s newest home development is called New Metro City. BSM advances society. The project is also along the G.T. Road and is only one hour from the twin cities. As a result, this society development is attracting a lot of interest from around the nation.

People started showing interest in investing in this ostentatious housing enterprise as soon as it was revealed to the real estate industry. The megaproject for 2022 is this undertaking.

Project Overview

Following the success of the NMC in Kharian, the society’s owners (BSM) made the decision to launch a new project in Gujar Khan. The project provides first-rate comfort at a reasonable price.

Residential and commercial plots with sizes ranging from 5 Marlas to 1 Kanal are available in the housing development. The proprietors make a point of designing payment schedules with simple payments.

The following are benefits of investing in this housing programme.

NOC Approved Society

Obtaining the NOC certification is every housing scheme’s first priority. Why? Since investors choose to invest in home developments that have obtained governmental and legal permission. Fortunately, after considerable work, the New Metro City officials were able to obtain the Tehsil Municipal Administration’s (TMA) certification of their NOC. Investment in this housing development is thus fully safe.

Outstanding Place

Everybody likes to stash their money in the best places. The development’s worth is raised by New Metro City’s renowned location. It is a long-way from the bustle of the big city. The fact that this housing development is located right next to Grand Trunk is one of its advantages (G.T.). As a result, this civilization is connected to all of Punjab’s major cities.

This residential area is only one hour from the Twin Cities. Additionally, there are a number of recreational, medical, academic, industrial, and industrial districts in Gujar Khan Tehsil that are close to the housing complex.

Easily accessible

The connection of any housing project is a key factor in determining its worth. Housing developments in prominent locations are more appealing to buyers. Numerous city routes readily lead to New Metro City’s residential development. 

Nearby Landmarks & Societies List:

  • Sukho Road is approximately a 7-minute drive away.
  • The Mandra-Chackwal Road is around 15 minutes away by car.
  • From the Gulyana Road, it takes a car roughly 5 minutes to get there.
  • It is roughly a 15-minute drive from DHA. Islamabad
  • Bahria Town Islamabad is roughly a 9-minute drive away.

The ideal project plan

In Gujar Khan’s master plan, BSM developers have built a new Metro City. The project includes every piece of infrastructure and facility used in contemporary civilization. There are neighbourhoods, structures, markets, colleges, public leisure areas, health clubs, business offices, five-star restaurants, and much more.

Suitable Payment Schedule

The main objective of New Metro City Gujar Khan architects and planners is to build a pricing structure that is affordable for all members of various socioeconomic strata. In addition, the owners have made the prelaunch payment plan for the housing scheme public.

The hefty financial payment schedule for residential society attracts a lot of purchasers. As a result, it adds another basis for funding the housing organisation.

Great Amenities

If you can’t find basic utilities, no place is worth living in. One of the reasons you ought to invest there is that New Metro City has all the conveniences you require to raise your standard of living. Modern facilities abound in the projected housing community.

All the great amenities for daily living, such as healthcare, restaurants, and gyms, are available to people under the roof of this private dwelling.

Significant features provided by this housing association include the following.

  • all necessary prerequisites
  • Gym
  • learning centre
  • system of security
  • filtering facility
  • traffic light
  • Water, power, and gas are all always available.
  • large road
  • Mosque
  • Graveyard
  • sophisticated disposal system
  • neighbourhood with gates
  • Restaurants
  • Markets/Shopping Centers

Outstanding Return on Investment

The New Metro City in Tehsil Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi, is a fantastic investment opportunity. The home complex is conveniently located near G.T. Road Gujar Khan and is accessible from some of the twin cities’ busiest roadways.

The payment schedule is also very generous and takes economic considerations into account. It is therefore accessible to both people from higher and lower socioeconomic statuses. The lucrative investment possibility in the housing project is one of the reasons to do so.


The blog has covered a variety of justifications for investing in this residential society. The housing programme first provides its neighbourhood with cutting-edge services and amenities. It also has a great location and an organised project plan.

In addition, TMA is said to have approved the legal project. The home development offers investors profitable investment opportunities, to sum up. In order to experience a good lifestyle, Being Blogger advises the reader to invest in this home project.