Red Anthurium Plant

If you are looking to grow a beautiful flowering plant without much hassle, then red Anthurium is one of the best choices for you. There are about 1000 varieties of Anthurium plants but one of the most popular ones is the red variety. So, if you have bought one, or if someone has gifted you one, here is some important information on how to care for your indoor red anthurium plant.

But before that, did you know this plant is also known as the “flamingo flower” is actually not a flower! Those petals of the flower growing from the base of the fleshy spikes are leaves! The real flower of this indoor plant grows on those fleshy spikes. They are native to tropical regions and grow extremely well inside a house.

Now let’s see the important care tips for the red Anthurium plant.


Since it is from the tropical region, the plant needs a temperature between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit; however, these are very adaptable plants and can easily thrive beyond this temperature range. Extreme changes are of course not good; if the temperature goes below 50-degree Fahrenheit, the plant will not grow. And if the room gets too hot, it will wilt.


One of the reasons why this is a great indoor plant is because it needs little soil prep and can thrive with minimum care. You will need well-drained soil that holds little water for initial potting. Soggy soil is not good for this plant so make sure of that before potting your plant. Also, changing pots often is also not good for the plant; so plant it in a pot that is big enough to allow it to grow. A mix of potting soil and perlite is good for the plant.


Too much sunlight is not good for the plant; it thrives best in indirect sunlight. So, place it in a corner of the home that doesn’t have direct sunlight or too much sunlight all through the day. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves of the plant. On the opposite, if the plant doesn’t get enough sunlight, it will have fewer flowers and will grow slow.


As said before, the plant doesn’t do well in soggy water. So don’t water it too much. Always check if the soil in the pot is dry before adding water. Too much water will cause the roots to die, so be careful while watering. The too dry root will slow down the growth of the plant and if it has happened by mistake, just soak the pot in water for an hour for it to rehydrate.


It is one of those plants that will grow happily with little care. It will grow well if you fertilize it for three to four months once. Also, use one-quarter strength of fertilizer for your red Anthurium plant.

So, if you are new to indoor plants and not sure if you can grow one, this plant can be the best option for you. Just place it in a place with indirect sunlight, water it only when it is dry and fertilize once in four months. And your home will look brighter with the beautiful red bloom of the “flamingo flower”.

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