Sehat Insaf card is micro health insurance available in Pakistan. Moreover, it is a governmental project with the primary concern of providing health insurance to all the citizens of Pakistan. And to get more updates on governmental projects like Sehat Insaf Card, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing. Furthermore, the government of Pakistan aims to enhance the health conditions of the citizens, especially of the lower-income class. Moreover, the health insurance services also include surgeries and long-term health issues. So, availing the health services from this health insurance is a blissful life experience for everyone. And if you are keen to know how to help yourself with this opportunity, this will be the right guide.

Sehat Insaf Card

The Sehat Insaf card is Pakistan’s micro health insurance card to provide all citizens with the best health care services. Moreover, the government has spread this opportunity to the vast area of the country. Furthermore, the card will help treat the patients with common health care issues to chronic health conditions. And some of the diseases treated under this card are Diabetes, Kidney diseases, Hepatitis B, C and a variety of cancers. All these diseases are present in the country in large numbers. Therefore, the Sehat Insaf card works wonders for several needy people. And several top blogging sites in Pakistan are guiding all the citizens. Lastly, continue reading to learn how to avail of this health insurance card.

How to Get Sehat Insaf Card?

There are easy steps to get the Sehat Insaf Card. Moreover, the first is to check your eligibility. And if the citizen is eligible for this health insurance, they can easily avail the treatment. And to check the eligibility, all citizens have to follow these steps:

  • Send your CNIC (national Identity card number) to 8500 through a message to check your eligibility. Moreover, the app is the second option where the citizen can get all the relevant details.
  • The eligible citizens then can avail the of medical treatment and services from their respective districts.
  • Most importantly, keep all the documents in hand before visiting any recommended hospital. Moreover, the documents required for the treatment might include the National Identity Card, Sehat Insaf Card, and B Form in case of Children’s treatment.
  • And after that, the citizens can avail any medical assistance under this opportunity free of cost. Moreover, the citizens do not have to go to another district to help with this option. Instead, they can get medical treatment near their residence.
  • Lastly, after receiving the treatment, the citizen can give their valuable feedback by calling on 08009009.

Benefits of Sehat Insaf Card

Several benefits are here, intending to facilitate the needy citizens of Pakistan. First, and most importantly, these services will be available free of cost. Moreover, the government of Pakistan is willing to create one of its king medical insurance and assistance that increases the quality of life of its citizens. Therefore, this Sehat Insaf Card will be bliss for all the needy citizens of Pakistan. And here are some of the medical services available under this governmental project.

  • Medical Emergencies
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Maternity Services
  • Consultation and Follow-ups
  • Transportation Services

Treatment Packages Under Sehat Insaf Card

There are two treatment packages involved in this micro medical insurance. And their details are as follows:

Priority Medical Treatment Package

The package requires the treatment of various diseases. Moreover, this Sehat Insaf Card package provides PKR 300,000/- per family. And this is the initial amount it can increase according to the medical treatment requirements. Furthermore, the treatment included in this package are as follows:

  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Chronic Diseases like tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, C and liver diseases
  • Accidents and Burns
  • Organ Failure Management
  • Neurosurgical Treatment

Secondary Medical Treatment Package

The package of the Sehat Insaf Card involves the coverage of RS 60,000/- per family annually. Moreover, it includes all the emergency medical treatments. And not only these, but they will also help treat all surgical services, including maternity treatments. And this package is also facilitating the citizen in treating the basic to chronic diseases.


Sehat Insaf Card is the micro medical insurance for all the citizens of Pakistan. Moreover, eligible citizens can avail this opportunity as per the government rule. Furthermore, this initiative facilitates the majority of needy citizens with the best medical facilities. And the treatment involves all primary and chronic medical issues. Most importantly, any national identity cardholder is eligible for this opportunity.

Moreover, in the case of children, the B form is a vital document to carry before taking medical assistance. Furthermore, the best aspect is that this opportunity is available in almost every district, and citizens can benefit from it. Moreover, a citizen can avail of this opportunity by messaging on 8500 or by downloading an app. Lastly, to get more updates on relevant topics, visit the being blogger website.