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We now understand that TikTok is much more than just videos of people dancing and lip-syncing. It is ideal for firms trying to increase their online sales because of its popularity and user-friendly interface.

The social network, which primarily attracts users in the Z generation, is focused on short-form videos. There are dances, comedic sketches, recipes, how-to videos for applying makeup, and yes, advertisements. They are all capable of becoming popular on the app.

However, how does that affect sales? Here is all the information you need to know about generating sales on TikTok if you want to use the platform to grow your business.

Why should you use TikTok to sell goods?

Can TikTok lead to more sales? Absolutely. A third of TikTokers use the app to keep up with the newest products, while 97% of Gen Zers use social media as motivation for purchases.

As effective a marketing tool as you are willing to make TikTok shorts, it has the potential to be. Any reputable TikTok marketing company (hello there!) would advise you that your TikTok plan needs to take into account both the platform’s fledgling demographic and its rapid development.

If you succeed in those 2 areas, TikTok will prove to be an extraordinarily powerful tool for brand or shop store promotion.

Here is one instance. Nadaré Co., a tiny business, saw their revenues soar last year as a result of their TikTok viral success. The jewellery company released a brief movie highlighting the advantages of its waterproof jewellery using a popular TikTok music. Nadaré Co. received 700 orders in just one week after the video received 1.6 million views.

Are you prepared to begin? Create a TikTok business account first so you can start generating traffic.


How to use TikTok for business

TikTok allows you to reach a whole new, younger audience of potential customers and offers a brand-new method of selling to them. You must keep in mind to approach the platform with that audience in mind if you want to make the most of the chances offered to companies on TikTok.

Your TikTok marketing plan must be based on an understanding of Gen Z’s behaviour, and that’s where we come in. We at Fanbytes have a track record of developing engaging marketing for Gen Z.

Getting TikTok right can increase your brand’s perception and awareness among Gen Z, which will increase your online sales.

Get in touch with Connect Digital if you’re interested in learning more about how we can promote your brand on TikTok.

How to increase TikTok Shop traffic | Solid Tips

Understanding TikTok’s features can help you choose the most appropriate for your way company marketing strategy when you’re ready to expand your brand there. Here are five suggestions for using TikTok to increase sales:

1-     Activate Shopify access first

Setting up your Shopify website access is essential if you want to sell products on TikTok.

You may link to items mentioned in your TikTok videos thanks to Shopify access, which first went into beta testing last year. As a result, users of TikTok will be able to shop for them inside the app. More views will transform into purchases thanks to these nourish shoppable films, which provide a more direct channel from TikTok advertising to goods.

It’s worth looking into how to sell on TikTok using Shopify store  or website because the platform also provides a surplus of other advantages, such as campaign performance analytics and a campaign creation tool.

2. Spend money on TikTok commercials

Now that your sales channel has been established, it’s time to spread the news on TikTok.

Using TikTok advertising is one way to achieve this. Here go through the process of making TikTok adds tactics. Following completion of this task, you will be able to design campaigns that will run across the TikTok platform. Always strive to make your adverts high-resolution and visually appealing, whether you decide to use images, GIFs, or videos.

Keep in mind that your commercials will compete with hundreds of other films for users’ attention, so keeping your messaging succinct is essential for a successful marketing campaign.

5 types of advertisements are available on TikTok

In feed like commercials, brand takeovers, and hashtag challenges. Your budget, objectives, and messaging response will determine which option is ideal for your brand. Whichever option you select, keeping track of the effectiveness of your paid advertisements and testing various creative will enable you to scale the ideal content and increase your sales funel.

1. Collaborate with TikTok celebrities / influencers

Working with influencers is one approach to ensure that your audience will be attentive to your brand or online store because they are the well-known faces on TikTok. After all tiktok influencers are just TikTok artists who have developed a following through their engaging material.

Working with TikTok influencers is another tactic that is probably popular with the app’s users. Nearly half of Generation Z have made a purchase based on a suggestion from a social media influencer like insta, and 72% of Gen-Z follow multiple influencers.

Given that approximately 90% of Gen-Z reject traditional advertising, that achievement is all the more remarkable.

Your brand can reach younger audiences on a level that they are more receptive to by collaborating with the ideal TikTok content creator, which can increase sales.

To ensure your campaign reads honestly, you should take into account the TikTok influencer’s account’s audience niche and the substance of their videos when working with them to create the finest campaign. Visit our blog for more information on using influencers to become viral on TikTok.


2. Benefit from well-liked hashtags and trends

The most effective TikTok advertisements are aware of the app’s focus on user-generated video content. Working together is essential to staying relevant on TikTok, whether it’s between individual users in “duets” or the site as a whole via viral trends.

One of the simplest strategies for brands trying to increase their TikTok shop seller center sales is to regularly produce material that incorporates trending hashtags, videos, audios, memes, and trends. This will ensure that more people notice your videos. It makes your company popular with Gen-Z, who, according to 65% of them, use the internet mostly for fun.

One easy strategy to generate interest, clicks, and eventually revenue with your social media marketing is to participate and amuse your audience.

3. Make your product catalogue TikTok-ready.

Your account’s shopping tab serves as your TikTok storefront. You should optimise it to draw clients. Nobody like a disorganized store, and the same is true of your product catalogue.

When you add your product photographs, pay attention to both quality and appearance. You’ll want them to appear enticing to customers because, after all, you do consume with your eyes first. By adhering to the overall look and feel of your TikTok account, you can quickly identify your brand from your product photographs.

4- Engage your viewers.

You must work to stay on the TikTok algorithm’s good side if you want to expose your brand to as many people as possible. This will motivate TikTok to promote your short video to its larger audience. Here, we go into further detail about how to get popular on TikTok by exploiting its algorithm.

Do your videos receive comments, likes, and shares from your viewers? Do they stay until the very end? Your video will be watched more often, which means more sales or leads conversions, the more “yes” answers you can provide to those questions.

Generation Z consumes more internet information and advertisements than any previous generation. That implies that your video advertisement must compete for their focus. Making an interesting video not only increases your probability of becoming viral, but it also makes you remembered.

Similar to any type of advertising, your ad will perform better if you have a deeper understanding of the platform it is on as well as the goals of its target audience. Visit our blog for additional information on producing the type of content that Generation-Z enjoys on TikTok.

In Short

• With 1+ billion monthly active users and goin up. TikTok is the platform to watch if you want to build a strong social media presence for your brand.

• If you nail your marketing approach, TikTok is the ideal social network to boost sales for your brand because of its enormous user base of Gen-Z consumers.

It pays to be aware of how TikTok differs from other social media platforms if you want to use it to promote your company.