Cost to be on Daystar

The Daystar Television Network is an American evangelical Christian-based religious television network. It is owned by the Word of God Fellowship, founded by Marcus Lamb in 1993. The network is based around prosperity theology. The network consists of a few different programming blocks, including a morning program, an evening show, and a late night block. Daystar is available in over 86 million homes in the United States.

The Daystar Television Network is owned by Word of God Fellowship. Word of God Fellowship is a non-profit organization that owns and operates the Daystar Television Network. It was founded in 1993 by Marcus Lamb who also serves as its president and chief executive officer. The current president of the fellowship is John Lambert who has been serving since 1998. Lambert has been serving as president since 1998 while he was also serving as general counsel for Word of God Fellowship since 1998.

Daystar produces over 1000 hours of programming annually, and has a library of more than 4,000 programs. Daystar programming is viewed in the United States by about 3 million viewers each week. Daystar’s programming is broadcast on satellite television and cable television systems, including Dish Network, DirecTV, and cable providers in Canada.

The network runs three different time slots: 7:00AM–8:00AM (Mountain), 5:00PM–6:00PM (Central), and 11:00PM–12:00AM (Pacific). It also runs a 24-hour Christian news channel called NewsMax 24/7 which replaced its previous 24-hour religious news channel called Daystar Prime in April 2013.

Daystar was launched on May 27, 1993. On that date the network began broadcasting in standard definition with an initial staff of 21 employees. The network originally operated from a facility that housed the headquarters for Daystar Prime, and day-to-day operations were handled by the parent network. Daystar was originally a joint venture of Daystar Television Network and Liberty Media. The network’s founding president was David A. Smith, who served in that position until his resignation in 1999, when he became the president of the new PAX TV network.

Daystar began broadcasting in high definition on January 1, 2010.

In June 2006, Liberty Media announced plans to purchase 50% of Daystar Television Network from News Corporation (who owned 40%) for $525 million; this would have made Liberty the majority shareholder in both networks (while keeping them as separate entities). The deal never closed because Liberty failed to obtain FCC approval for the purchase by September 2006 due to objections from Dish Network and News Corporation’s Fox Television Stations division (which had previously owned a minority stake in Pax TV). In May 2007, Dish Network and News Corporation announced that they reached an agreement to sell their interests in Pax TV to Liberty Media, who would purchase the network for $525 million. The sale was completed in July 2007.

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On March 24, 2015, Liberty announced that it would acquire 22 additional Full-Power stations from The Walt Disney Company for $2.5 billion and a new call sign (which was later changed to Daystar) as part of the deal; the sale was completed on May 8, 2015.

Can you watch Daystar online?

Daystar is available to watch live online through the Daystar website. Daystar TV is also available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and other devices. If you are unable to watch Daystar online for free, check out our list of the best paid streaming services for live television.

Daystar television network programming consists primarily of religious and family-oriented programming. The network’s programming includes daily programs such as “Hollywood Today Live!”, lifestyle programs like “The Home Town Show”, and documentaries such as “The Jesus Film Project”. During Sunday morning program hours, the network airs a national version of “Good Morning America” called “Good Morning America: The Gospel Message”.