It is predicted that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take over the world in a few decades. Never mind the part where it overtakes us completely because this future technology has already begun transforming our world more than we can imagine. Let us look at some of the ways AI has completely changed our world.


E-commerce is the field where the purchase of goods, products, and services is made on the internet. How does AI help in this field, you ask?

AI creates a personalized shopping experience for users by creating recommendations through highly developed engines through which customers can engage better with sellers. These recommendations are given by going through the user’s browsing history, preferences, and interests. It helps to strengthen the relationship between vendors and customers.

Frauds in e-commerce involve credit cards and counterfeit payment systems, and e-commerce companies consider these a menace. AI helps reduce such fraudulent activity by suggesting customers buy products that have better reviews. AI can identify and remove fake reviews.


Artificial intelligence assists educators with non-educational tasks such as facilitating and automating personalized messages to students, grading quizzes and exams, arranging meetings with parents and guardians, and using a centrally devised system to deliver updates to students daily.

AI can also be used for personalized learning, where different techniques can be applied to monitor the students and their habits. Once these habits form a pattern, teaching plans, lessons, flash notes, and study guides can be made to facilitate students better.

AI can help guide students better when the instructor is not present. In an online study portal, AI can guide students from where they can access their plans, check their class schedules, complete homework, and much more. They do not need an instructor in person to walk them through this because AI does its job wonderfully.

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Vehicles and Transport

Ever since AI technology was introduced in vehicles, they have changed the way our cars behave.

Automobile giants such as Volvo, Audi, and most importantly, Tesla apply machine learning to train computers to think and work like humans when driving in any environment. AI is applied here to improve object detection and avoid accidents on the road. As this technology improves, it will reduce the number of traffic incidents on roadways.

GPS technology which has been around for decades now works more efficiently than it did when it was first introduced. Travelers now receive accurate locations with detailed information to travel safely from point A to point B. The GPS technology combines the technology of a Convolutional Neural Network and Graph Neural Network, which makes it easier for users to automatically identify the number of lanes and road layout of their route.


In the field of robotics, AI applications are a norm. AI-powered robots use real-time updates to detect potential obstacles in their path and pre-plan their journey immediately.

These robots are used in several ways, such as inventory management, cleaning offices and large equipment, carrying goods in hospitals, warehouses, and factories, and putting out fires. With robots being able to do so much more than we ever hoped them to do, a lot of their activities are made possible by AI’s simple yet efficient tool.


AI has an array of applications in the healthcare industry. AI applications play an integral role in developing high-tech machines that can detect different diseases and detect cancerous cells in the body.

Artificial intelligence helps analyze chronic conditions using laboratory experiments and other medical information, which ensures early diagnosis of the disease before it spreads further in the body. AI utilizes the combination of medical history, data, and intelligence in the field of medicine to discover valuable drugs that are beneficial to man.


AI is used to detect nutrient deficiencies and other defects in the soil, and this is done using robotics, computer vision, and machine learning applications. AI is capable of analyzing where harmful weeds are growing, and similar technology AI bots can help harvest crops at more significant volumes in shorter times than humans.


Artificial Intelligence has a massive role to play in the coming future. It has already impacted our world so much that its importance cannot be highlighted in a single field. Hopefully, it continues to change our lives for the better!