HDMI cables have become incredibly popular as they are used everywhere. Generally, we know that a high-speed HDMI cable is used to connect devices to a TV or home theatre or a similar output set up. These cables are pretty neat as they can be used to pass video, audio, and limited control signals like HDMI-CEC.

If you have a gaming console, you can also plug in an HDMI cable with a console to your output device, and you will be able to enjoy your gaming session on your TV or output device.

There are lots of devices available where this HDMI cable is used. For instance, we generally see them being used in devices like TVs, video projectors, and PC monitors. In addition, we can also connect them to DVD, Blue-ray, Ultra HD players, cable/satellite boxes, DVRs, Home theatres, media streamers, PCs & Laptops, digital cameras, camcorders, etc.

If you want to see something on an output device, then HDMI cables are used on most occasions as they are quite efficient. So, multiple types of HDMI cables are available in the market for varied use. If you are looking for a high-speed HDMI cable like HDMI 2.1 for gaming purposes, you can find them for sure.

So, we can say that an HDMI cable is incredibly popular, and you can enjoy watching the content entertainment on your output device. In this blog, we shall look at the HDMI cables that provide different capabilities depending on the signal transfer speed or bandwidth.

These Are Some Of The HDMI Cable Types That You Should Know

So, there are multiple HDMI cables available in the market. If you go to places like Ibraonline, you will see that there are many HDMI cables available of different types. So, now’s the time to look at the different HDMI cables types.

  1. Standard HDMI Cable

First of all, let’s talk about the Standard HDMI cable. These cables are generally designed for common HD Tv (720p) broadcast, cable and satellite TV with 720 or 1080i resolution, etc. It’s also worth noting that it supports a bandwidth capacity of around 5 Gbps. Furthermore, this cable type is optimized for HDMI 1.0 or 1.2a versions.

  1. High-Speed HDMI Cable

Now, let’s talk about the high-speed HDMI cable, which is designed to handle video resolutions 1080p and even 4k at 30 Hz or refresh rate. In addition, if you use this HDMI cable, then it can support 3D and Deep colors. Furthermore, the bandwidth transfer speed for this cable is around 10 Gbps. It’s generally optimized for HDMI versions 1.3 and 1.4a.

  1. Premium High-Speed HDMI Cable

HDMI 2.0, or premium high-speed HDMI cable, is quite popular as it can transfer 4k or UHD content at a reliable pace. Furthermore, you may also enjoy video content on your output device at a breathtaking 4k resolution with a 60 Hz or refresh rate. In addition, this cable supports a Bandwidth speed of 18 Gbps.

  1. Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable

Do you want to enjoy 8k content on your TV? Then it’s time to check out the latest HDMI version, HDMI 2.1. It’s a high-speed HDMI cable that allows you to stream 8k video and support 48gbps bandwidth or transfer speed. It’s also less susceptible to electromagnetic interference.


Using a high speed HDMI cable will let you seamlessly enjoy content on your output device. Using HDMI cable is reliable, and it has become mainstream now.