What is BPC-157?

BPC-157 is a peptide. A peptide is simply an amino acid sequence. Okay, so you don’t look like a lab assistant and are cringing at the simple description. A peptide is a compound that consists of two or more amino acid chains, with the carboxyl groups of each acid joining the amino group by a bond such as OC-NH.

BPC stands for Body Protecting Compound. It is found in small quantities in your stomach, which serves to heal and protect your gut. It is possible to get the concentrated version and put it in your body.

What does it do?

BPC-157 has not been associated with any side effects. It’s been proven in extensive research since 1991 that it can repair tendon, muscles, teeth, bones, and other tissues.

Peptide BPC 157 is also known by the name “stable gastric pentadecapeptide”, primarily because it is stable within human gastric juice. It can cause anabolic healing effects in both upper and lower GI tracts, an antiulcer effect, and a therapeutic effect for inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), all of which are surprisingly without side effects.

BPC-157, as demonstrated by the above research, also speeds wound healing. It interacts with the Nitric Oxide system (NO) to protect endothelial tissues and cause an “angiogenic (blood vessel building), wound-healing effect. Even in severe conditions such as advanced, poorly controlled irritablebowel disease (IBS), this stimulates gene expression responsible for cytokine, growth factor generation, extracellular matrix (collagen formation), and intestinal anastomosis healing. This can be a frustrating issue for people with bowel pain, constipation, and diarrhea.

How to Get BPC-157

How can we get our hands on this stuff? There are many peptide suppliers that sell BPC 157 peptide online.

However, I will warn you that these websites, many like online pharmacies are not allowed to sell or promote these peptides for human consumption. But, if you are skilled in using your Googling skills, you can find it and purchase it.

What is the Right Price for You?

BPC-157 has been the subject of a lot of research. It is effective when administered once per day at anywhere from 1-10mcg for every kg of body weight. This means that you can get a dose from 200mcg to 800mcg. People report that they have had the greatest success with 250-350mcg twice daily for 500-700mcg each day.

How to inject BPC-157 or take it orally

BPC-157 is a systemic agent. It can be injected subcutaneously, which is a less painful method and safer than the more painful intramuscular injection. Or you can spray it directly into your mouth orally.

How long does it take to take BPC-157?

My bilateral inner elbow pain disappeared completely after I subcutaneously injected 250mcg BPC157 on alternate days to either my left elbow or right elbow. This was for a total duration of two weeks.

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