Did you know that you can utilise AI writers to create material much faster? Whether you’re writing blog entries, social media postings, or product descriptions, AI (Artificial Intelligence) writer tools can increase your output by 200-500%.
You must be aware of the best AI content writing tool to employ in order to enhance your content-creation capabilities. In this essay, I’ve ranked the greatest AI authoring tools. This is a comprehensive guide on selecting the finest AI authoring tool to fit your needs.

Jasper AI is Top of the Line

If you need a quick solution, Jasper is the greatest overall AI content writing tool.

At the end of the post, you’ll find answers to several hot questions, such as if using such a tool is cheating or how they work.

Disclosure: Some of the links below may earn me affiliate commissions at no extra cost to you. You should think of these tools as virtual co-authors that assist you with content creation. However, you should constantly conduct fact checks and refine the text.

Let’s get started with the full list of reviews of the top AI authoring tools.

1- Jasper Ai

Jasper is an AI writing assistant who helps writers save time. Jasper can simply assist you in producing material 2-5 times faster than usual.

This tool’s operation is straightforward. You provide it with an input and let it to generate an output. And, no, Jasper doesn’t simply finish phrases; he also writes full chapters or even short blog posts.

Jasper assists you in creating original content that ranks. It assists you in overcoming writer’s block and becoming more productive with whatever you write.


Jasper includes a slew of useful features. It is intended for use with any sort of digital writing, including blog entries, social media posts, emails, and corporate papers. Jasper is even a poet!

Jasper AI features

Some of Jasper’s characteristics include:

• Recipes. The Recipes are a crucial aspect of Jasper. A Jasper Recipe is an AI-generated template that allows you to swiftly develop content. You can add recipes, product descriptions, headings, blog post outlines, and much more to your blog articles.

• Excellent content editor. Jasper includes a useful built-in content editor. In the editor, you can format and organise your material. Even if you never used Jasper, the content editor is a fantastic and simple feature.

• Over 25 languages. Jasper’s capacity to understand languages other than English is a distinguishing quality. Jasper is available in over 25 languages, including English, French, Spanish, and German. As a result, Jasper makes it simple to target worldwide audiences. You can, for example, instruct Jasper to translate content.

• SurferSEO integration. SurferSEO, another amazing SEO-friendly writing tool, is discussed more in this article. You may combine Jasper with SurferSEO to create a unique combination for writing even better SEO content. This is a fantastic feature for all you SEO nerds out there!

The User Experience

Jasper’s overall user experience is excellent. This is due to the fact that you have a plethora of templates at your disposal.

Even if Jasper understands your orders, you may be unsure of which ones to give it. These templates will help you figure out what to teach Jasper.

You can also have complete control of the writing process if you employ the Boss Mode. This allows you to effortlessly compose long-form content in a short period of time.

Furthermore, Jasper comes with a slew of tutorials that show you how to maximise the tool’s capabilities.


Jasper offers two pricing options:

• Starter

• The Boss Mode

For $29.00 each month, the Starter Plan allows you to generate words from 20,000 words. The Starter mode covers Jasper’s essential capabilities, such as composing headlines and profiles. Jasper grants you access to 50+ useful skills in total.

The Boss Mode is a comprehensive strategy for professional authors. It begins at $59.00 per month. By enabling the Boss Mode, you gain limitless access to all of Jasper’s capabilities. The Boss Mode allows you to write content 2-5 times faster, which is a significant time saver.

To acquire a more precise pricing estimate, go to Jasper’s pricing page and adjust the sliders to match the number of words you intend to write each month.

Why I Appreciate Ai Jasper ?

• Jasper is an easy-to-use tool. The learning curve is relatively short. You can learn how to create articles by viewing a video or two from their extensive tutorial library.

• Jarvis is a versatile tool for a wide range of writing activities, including blog entries, video descriptions, advertisements, and much more.

• Because Jasper employs the most recent advances in natural language processing, its content is far superior than that of the average AI writing tool.

• Jasper is always saying something. If you’re stuck for ideas, just let Jasper get you started.

What I Despise About Jasper

There is no such thing as perfect software. This also applies to Jasper. Some of the disadvantages are as follows:

• Jasper does not work with anyone other than its own content editor. There are no Chrome plugins, for example. This requires you to copy and paste the material from Jasper’s editor.

• Facts are sometimes incorrect while creating sophisticated scientific content. As a result, you should double-check the information.

Unfortunately, no tool can solve the latter issue (yet). This is due to the underlying AI’s inability to know everything. Fortunately, the science of AI is continually evolving, and new language models emerge. These could improve AI writing tools in the near future.

In conclusion

Overall, Jasper is, in my opinion, the best AI writing tool available right now. You may utilise it to create original and well-thought-out material far faster than you could before.

2- CopyAI

CopyAI is another well-known all-purpose writing tool on the market. With a slew of fantastic creativity tools, this AI writing tool can help you overcome writer’s block.

CopyAI provides you with a large selection of AI-created writing templates to choose from. These can assist you in getting started on your writing assignment.

Copy Ai Tool

This tool is appropriate for both copywriters and content writers.

CopyAI’s writing assistance has a straightforward workflow:

  1. Choose a topic for your copywriting project.
  2. With a few words, provide context for the tool.
  3. Allow the AI to generate a few variations.
  4. Select the best version.
  5. Make tiny changes to the best version before publishing it!


• A no-cost variant. CopyAI, unlike many other AI writing tools, provides a completely free version.

• Over 100 templates. There are numerous writing templates to pick from. You can choose a template based on what you want to achieve. You can offer instructions to the AI behind the scenes using the templates.

• Over 25 languages. CopyAI supports a wide range of languages. This is fantastic since it makes it easier to converse with non-English speakers as well. For example, you can now perfectly translate text into another language like never before.

• Editor of long-form content. A long-form content editor is available at CopyAI. This capability can be used to create long-form content, such as blog entries that rank well on Google.

• Simple to use. CopyAI’s overall user experience is excellent.

Best Ai tools For Content Writing features

The User Experience

To create a gem, all you need to do is provide CopyAI with some basic input and let it do the rest.

The ability to customise the tone of the message is a pretty cool tool.

Remember that the programme generates content for you, but you should still think of it as a writing assistant. It does not produce 100% ready-to-publish content. Before going live, you should always make the final adjustments!


CopyAI has a reasonable price model.

There is a completely free plan available (no credit card needed). You may already create some basic short content with this plan, such as social network updates or product descriptions.

If you’re serious about writing, you can upgrade to the Pro Plan for $35 per month.

Why I Appreciate CopyAI tool ?

• There is a completely free-version of the tool available.

• The user interface is simply easy to use.

• CopyAI includes a number of informative instructions to help you get the most out of the product.

• Plagiarism detector

What I Despise About CopyAI

• CopyAI isn’t great at creating long-form material.

• To get a good result, you must be descriptive. If the input is too short, the output is poor.

In conclusion

CopyAI is a fantastic AI writing tool that can help you overcome writer’s block.

This application assists you in creating well-thought-out and distinctive material, such as blog entries, product descriptions, and emails.

Because of the always-free version, CopyAI is unquestionably the most economical alternative on the market.

Consider using CopyAI.

3- Rytr

Rytr is a powerful AI-powered writing tool. This platform makes use of the most recent advances in artificial intelligence to help you generate content faster.

Behind the scenes, the programme makes use of previous data. As a result, the application may generate factual articles with a customised tone and style. Also, the information is grammatically correct.

You can write a long-form blog post in under an hour with Rytr’s help. This is a fantastic time-saver that you should not pass up.

Rytr can write on any topic, including technology, business, and sports. It can also be used to write in a variety of forms, such as blog entries, articles, or reviews.

Best Ai tools For Content Writing rytr


• Simple content generation with useful extras like character count, word count, and tone checker.

• Rytr includes a plagiarism checker to verify the uniqueness and originality of any work you create.

• Grammar checker to ensure professional-level grammatical accuracy.

Best Ai tools For Content Writing rytr features

The User Experience

Rytr includes a fantastic online editor where all the magic happens.

This tool is really simple to use. To create content, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Rytr Editor.
  2. Choose a language.
  3. Choose a tone of voice.
  4. Choose a use case.
  5. Create content.
  6. Make changes to the material.


The pricing structure is straightforward and reasonable.

The Free Plan is the frosting on the cake. Each month, you can write a large amount of short material, such as product descriptions, using the free plan.

If you’re creating long-form articles or blog posts, either the Saver Package ($9/month) or the Unlimited Package ($29/month) is for you.

In conclusion

Rytr is one of the most cost-effective AI-writing tools available, with an excellent free plan. This is an essential tool for any blogger or content creator that creates a large amount of content on a daily basis.

Even better, Rytr makes it simple to create content by generating fantastic ideas on your behalf.

One thing I detest about Rytr is the lack of recipes, such as those found in Jasper. You have less control over the AI-generated results because this capability is missing.

Try Rytr if you want an easy-to-use product with great cost. However, if you need a more powerful tool, consider Jasper.

Consider Rytr.

4- SEO for surfers

Surfer SEO is an AI writing tool that can help you improve the SEO of your material.

If the term SEO is unknown to you, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, it means creating content that ranks well on Google.

Although writing long-form excellent material is sufficient to rank high over time, you may want to use a programme like Surfer.

When you publish an article or a blog post, you almost always target a keyword. When you tell Surfer about this keyword, it generates a slew of related terms. This allows you to target numerous high-performing keywords with a single post.

Surfer can also assist you in determining the search intent behind a keyword. This is significant since you want to write the appropriate type of content.

Consider a search query such as “Digital Agency” if you are unfamiliar with the term “search intent.” When someone searches “Digital Agency in Islamabad” on Google, they are most often in need of digital marketing services.

As a result, the search purpose is to find flights to various destinations. As a result, writing about aeroplanes or how flying works to target searchers who are looking for “flights” makes no sense.

Best Ai tools For Content Writing SEO for surfer

Even while the example I just gave is simple, search intent is not always as obvious.

As a result, you can profit from using a programme like Surfer to determine what type of content you should create for a specific keyword.

Surfer also has a good content editor that examines your content to keep it on the appropriate “SEO track.”

Surfer, as an AI writing tool, is a terrific technique to speed up content planning. It may generate excellent reports as well as outlines/briefings for your blog entries.

You may also combine Surfer with Jasper, which is the greatest AI authoring tool overall. These two work well together to streamline the generation of SEO-friendly content.


• Content Creator. The content planner allows you to use AI to plan out your content.

• Brief. Create an outline with unique title , headings and paragraphs using AI.

• Content Editor: The content editor is where you can write content, either automatically or manually. The editor makes ideas and shows you writing guidelines.

• Audit. The auditing tool aids in the improvement of existing page content.

• Flow Grow Enhances your website with content-enhancing recommendations.

• Keyword Explorer. A browser extension that simplifies keyword research by presenting search volumes and other keyword data.

• Keyword Locator. Finds appropriate keywords for ranking in search engines.

• The Surfer Academy. Live training to improve your SEO and content.

• Masterclass in Writing A detailed guide to creating great SEO content that will set you apart from the competition.

The User Experience

Surfer can be used to find relevant keywords to rank for in addition to providing content.

You also get a great browser extension that helps you track keyword popularity and more.


Surfer SEO is available in three different plans:

• Standard: $59/month; $49/month yearly

• Pro: $119/month; $99/month yearly

• Business: $239/month; $199/year

In conclusion

Surfer is an excellent alternative if you need an all-in-one solution for developing rankable content. It integrates keyword research, content development, and SEO friendliness into a single application.

Surfer can help you optimise your content production process if you are a solopreneur or small business owner.

This tool is difficult to use if you are unfamiliar with SEO. Without context, SEO keywords and KPIs are impossible to grasp.

Surfer also does not offer a free trial. If you want to save money, consider using a programme with a free trial, such as Jasper.

5- AI Author

AI Writer, as the name implies, is an AI-powered copywriting tool. It provides a smart writing assistance for content creators who want to speed up the writing process and avoid writer’s block.

You can use this tool to generate original ideas and material on a large scale. The AI Writer platform includes a variety of writing services to meet a variety of demands. A long-form content editor, for example, is available for composing lengthy blog articles.

To generate content, AI Writer employs the most sophisticated AI language model. This enables the tool to generate relevant and high-quality material for your target audience.

This tool is applicable to any niche. It understands business, sports, and other topics.


• Capabilities for AI-Writing In a matter of seconds, a cutting-edge AI algorithm generates creative and extremely engaging content.

• Understanding of SEO. This programme knows which SEO keywords to use in your writing to help it rank higher in search engines.

• The Topic and Headline Generator. The AI Writer assists you in overcoming writer’s block by generating interesting headlines and themes.

• Citations. The fact that AI Writer provides citations to the sources from which it learned the text is a fantastic feature.

• Snippets and templates There are several templates and snippets to pick from. Start with a product description, commercial headline, or blog post introduction, for example.


There are three options available:

• Fundamental: $29 per month

• Basic Plan: $59 per month

• Monthly Power Plan: $375

In conclusion

AI Writer is an all-in-one SEO and content solution.

You can use this tool to overcome writer’s block and generate amazing material, whether long-form or short-form. You should try this tool if you want to write well-cited, unique, and search-friendly material.

The main disadvantage of this product is that there is no free trial or free plan to try. So you have to spend a dollar to try it out. If you must have a free subscription, you can use a programme like Jasper, which unlocks all fantastic features for free for 10,000 words.

6- ArticleForge (also Recomended)

Article Forge is an AI writer tool that employs the most recent advances in AI and deep learning to create longer content.

You can use this programme to create blog posts, product descriptions, and social media postings automatically.

Article Forge creates material that is distinctive, original, and SEO-friendly. This implies that the article may also rank highly on Google.

Best Ai tools For Content Writing article forge

The procedure is straightforward. You must provide the tool with input on what to write about. The technology then generates content in a matter of seconds.

Although the text is almost certainly ready for publishing, you should still perform some basic checks.

Article Forge is not yet a completely autonomous tool. However, if you utilise it as a writing assistant to whom you provide feedback and help, the outcomes are fantastic.


• Artificial intelligence-generated material You may harness the most recent advances in AI to create content that is original, captivating, and highly engaging.

• Reports. The tool generates reports about your writing in real time. You can use these to improve your content on the fly.

• Round-the-clock assistance. Support is one of ArticleForge’s best features. You can contact them at any time and they will answer quickly.

• Personalization. ArticleForge allows you to create content that stands out from the crowd. Using the personalisation tool, you can transform your writing into a professional yet one-of-a-kind work of art.


• Basic: $13/month

• Standard: $27 per month – 250,000 words per month

• $57/month for unlimited

In conclusion

ArticleForge assists you in the creation of content. It has a slew of user-friendly features that make your workflow simple and entertaining.

To further streamline your content production process, you can use several templates or the tool’s amazing drag-and-drop functionality.

The pricing for a basic plan is quite high, given that you only get to generate 25,000 words per month. Because of the redundancy, AI systems frequently require you to re-produce content and eliminate some paragraphs. Using 25,000 words in this manner goes far faster than you anticipated.


Here are some intriguing questions about AI writing tools. When I initially learned about AI writing tools, I was perplexed by these questions.

I recommend simply skimming through these questions before beginning your search. I’m confident they’ll assist you better comprehend AI writer tools!

What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is an abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. It means that a machine is simulating the human intellect process.

AI has generated a lot of buzz in recent years and has become one of the 21st century’s buzzwords.

The following are the most common applications of artificial intelligence:

Natural Language Processing (NLP) (NLP)

• Recognition of Speech

• Machine Learning

The AI writing tools use natural language processing, which is the first on the list.

AI is simply a fancy term for a computer software that works with data. AI processes data using code, algorithms, and mathematics to understand patterns and features. When AI teaches itself, this is what is intended.

Make sure you read the entire What Is Artificial Intelligence guide.

What Exactly Is an AI Writing Tool?

An AI writing tool is software that employs artificial intelligence to generate literary content.

To be more specific, AI writing tools rely on natural language processing, which is one of artificial intelligence’s most prevalent uses.

Natural language processing is the process through which a computer software analyses text in order to learn its patterns and properties. This type of programme can learn to create material on its own.

How Do AI Writers Function?

An AI writing tool is a piece of software developed by a technology firm or startup.

AI authoring tools function in two ways:

• The corporation created its own NLP unit, which powers the product.

• To create content, the organisation employs an external NLP team. In a way, this means that the corporation functions as a go-between between the user and the actual AI technology.

The latter technique is used by the majority of the modern AI writing tools, such as Jasper. They are driven by GPT-3, a third-party NLP unit built by the startup OpenAI.

This explains why the writing tools are similar. Under the hood, the majority of them use the same NLP unit, GPT-3.

What Exactly Is GPT-3?

The GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) AI language model is developed by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based AI research lab. It was originally made available in May 2020.

GPT-3 is at the heart of several modern AI writing firms, including Jasper.

175 billion parameters were used to train the language model. To learn how to write like us, it has read hundreds of billions of words. GPT-3 is currently the most powerful and capable NLP device available.

Here’s a comprehensive look of the GPT-3.

What Exactly Is GPT-2?

GPT-2 is a powerful language model developed in San Francisco by OpenAI. GPT-2 is the forerunner of GPT-3.

When GPT-2 was developed, it was also the most powerful language model, capable of a wide range of astonishing feats, including:

• Text translation

• Respond to simple questions

• Produce simple text outputs

GPT-3 is now a far more advanced model than GPT-2.

Is Artificial Intelligence Writing Legal?

It is legal to use an AI writing tool.

It makes no difference if you or your fake friend wrote the text as long as it is original.

So don’t be concerned about employing AI technologies to cheat! Who would support these companies if AI creating software was not acceptable?

Should I Use a Writing AI Tool?

Everyone should experiment with AI technologies, in my opinion.

Writing efficiently in the near future may necessitate the usage of an AI tool. Otherwise, you risk being eliminated from the competition.

Today is an excellent time to board the AI-writing train.

These tools will only get better in the future. You may eventually be able to produce as much content as a 5-person professional writing team.

You can judge with a free 10,000-word trial from Jasper.

Will Artificial Intelligence Writers Replace Humans?

The word “replace” has a strong connotation.

However, no one can predict what the future may bring.

In the near future, machines could write all of the content. AI writing aids are already capable of increasing your writing pace. If one person can soon accomplish the work of five people, there could be a lot of layoffs.

Obviously, this is just conjecture. To ensure that you stay ahead of the competition, you should test AI authoring tools and keep an eye on their growth.

Is AI-Written Content Reliable?

The majority of the time, AI-written content is correct and accurate.

However, the more specific the inquiry, the greater the possibility of an error. When there is less information on a topic on the internet, the tool knows less about it.

I once asked Jasper, for example, why the sky becomes crimson in the evenings at sunset. Jasper claims it’s because of the doppler shift. The truth is that the doppler shift has nothing to do with it.

However, this is not a serious issue.

To begin with, none of these technologies claim to be the ultimate source of truth. Second, these instruments serve as writing aids. If you create factual content, you should always conduct fact checks.

Can AI Help You with Your Homework?

You certainly could. Furthermore, because the content is unique, you would not be caught.

However, as a student, you should always strive to maximise learning by doing your own assignments. Using an AI tool is convenient, but it does not help you with your academics.

Furthermore, using an AI tool to perform math/physics/chemistry will not produce accurate or even useful results.

Why Are There Suddenly So Many AI Writing Tools?

As previously stated, the majority of AI writing tools are powered by a fresh new AI language model known as GPT-3.

In 2020, a firm called OpenAI created this approach.

Since they made the idea open, a slew of new firms have adopted it.

As a result, many AI-based writing tools will be developed after 2020.

Is it Possible for Me to Create My Own AI Writing Tool?


It is really simple to construct your own AI writing tool using OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model.

In fact, you don’t even need to understand what AI is. The AI logic is handled by the GPT-3.

Remember that using the model is not free, therefore even if you designed your own writing tool, you must pay for the AI logic.

In order to access the model, you must also have some experience with Python programming.

I recommend watching this 20-minute introductory video if you have some coding experience. In this video, you’ll learn how to create a rudimentary AI writing tool in just 20 minutes.

Can AI Authors Code?

An AI writing tool is not intended to be used to code.

However, because AI writers are trained using data from the internet, they are also familiar with code.

So, if you ask an AI writer to create a simple Python script or HTML page, they can do a surprisingly good job.

Final Touch

AI writing tools are on the way, thanks to recent advances in Artificial Intelligence!

Several firms have emerged in the last few years with unprecedented AI writing capabilities.

The most advanced tools already allow content authors to write 2-5 times faster than before. This means that a single writer can be as prolific as a team of two to five writers!

To avoid being dropped from the competition in the future, you should begin employing these tools right away. Jasper is now the greatest overall tool. You can try out a 10,000-word free trial.

These tools will only become more advanced in the near future. Furthermore, these tools are likely to become widespread sooner or later.

Thank you for your time! Have fun writing.