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Thanks for your interest in contributing to Beingbloger with a guest post. We’re delighted to have you here.

Writing with us is a fantastic way to demonstrate your knowledge and identify yourself as a subject matter expert. Furthermore, you will gain visibility through our social media outlets and our goodwill.

Please read this entire page because it outlines the guidelines, the submission process, and the types of content we accept in detail.

What We Are Looking for Contributions that are successful as guest posts should be comprehensive, data-driven, entertaining, and instructional? To improve your chances of being included on our blog, make sure your contribution is:

  • A relevant, well-researched post (ideally 1000+ words) with actionable suggestions.
  • Is completely unique and unpublished.
  • Only claims backed up by links to credible research or case studies are included. Avoid using any irrelevant promotional links to websites or quoting our competitors.
  • Provides examples and relevant graphics to support your argument. Stock photographs that don’t add any value to the writing should be avoided. Visualize data, information, processes, ideas, and frameworks with Beingblogger.
  • Makes the article more legible by using subheadings, bullet points, and shorter paragraphs.

Topics We Address

Individuals and teams from various organizational departments make up the majority of our readership, who are looking for tips, best practices, and instructions on how to work and cooperate visually. We only accept clear, appealing content that falls into the following categories, since we strive to establish a credible library of information and insights that they can use to better and streamline their workflows.

  • Data visualization • Design thinking • Business process modelling * Visual collaboration • Visual project management • Business and technical diagramming • Visual problem-solving • Visual ideation and communication Please go through our prior blog articles to learn more about the themes, content layouts, language, and tone that we prefer.

The Advantages

  • Broad exposure to a large audience
  • The blog has over 1000 views each month and is continuously growing. All high-quality pieces are also published in our monthly newsletter, exposing your post to a larger audience who will read and reshare it.
  • Social Media Presence

We are active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. All of your pieces will be shared on various platforms, giving you even more visibility.

  • Payments

Please be aware that we will not compensate you for your contributions. If you’re a skilled writer who thinks you can write fantastic articles for us, send us some samples of your prior work.

Submission Requirements

  • To be published, submissions must match the quality criteria of the Beingbloger content team. Editors reserve the right to reject submissions and make minor changes to your article at their discretion.
  • Your post must be at least 1000 words long and provide value to our viewers.
  • You can only have two self-serving links at a time. One is a dofollow link to your website, and the other is a link to any social media channel in the author profile. You are free to add value to the article by linking to additional high-quality resources. However, please don’t connect too much. It’s better to keep the number of links around 5.
  • Our blog’s outgoing links must be relevant. Links to dating sites, SEO companies, credit-related websites, and other similar sites, for example, are not permitted.
  • Once you’ve published something on our blog, you can’t put it anyplace else, even your own.
  • Use of images and videos is encouraged because they make the material more appealing to the reader.
  • Images should have a width of 580 pixels or less. Please attach them as a separate file.
  • When utilizing images, be careful not to infringe on other people’s copyright. When credit is due, give it.
  • Use the Gantt charts provided in our diagram community if you’re including technical diagrams like flowcharts.
  • When writing for us, keep these in mind.
  • To give our readers a chance to promote their brands, we decided to open up for guest posting. As a result, we prefer to work with genuine individuals rather than SEO firms. Please familiarize yourself with us before giving us your content. Follow us on social media and spread the word about our other stories. This will enhance your chances of being published significantly.
  • Each month, we receive 50+ submissions. As a result, refrain from sending emails inquiring about the status of your piece. You will be notified whether your article has been chosen.

Although the page is lengthy and the standards are stringent, we believe it is vital to reduce spam submissions. I’m looking forward to reading some fantastic pieces. We’ll contact you to discuss the next steps and anything else we need to publish your post if we think it’s a good fit.